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Definition of intractable:

  1. Not tractable; not easily governed, managed, or directed; indisposed to be taught, disciplined, or tamed; violent; stubborn; obstinate; refractory; as, an intractable child.


resolute, unmalleable, lawless, refractory, dogged, indocile, recalcitrant, indomitable, decided, mulish, unmanageable, order, wild, fixed, unyielding, out of line, obstinate, opinionated, disorderly, obdurate, control, inflexible, unconquerable, balking, peace, pertinacious, balky, persistent, heady, determined, untoward, fractious, resist, resolved, contumacious, firm, uncontrollable, headstrong, immovable, unflinching, obstreperous, stubborn.

Usage examples: