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Definition of machinate:

  1. To contrive, as a plot; to plot; as, to machinate evil.
  2. To plan; to contrive; esp., to form a scheme with the purpose of doing harm; to contrive artfully; to plot.


fancy up, lift, conjure up, rise, grind away, work up, invoke, develop, fig up, intrigue, stir, prepare, forge, elevate, fig out, evoke, call forth, groom, press, raise, excogitate, set, devise, gear up, train, organize, stand up, drum, entreat, conjure, orchestrate, bone up, attire, bid, scheme, contrive, engineer, direct, crimes, overdress, organise, put forward, cook, trick out, gussy up, make, prink, beseech, connive, educate, rig out, arouse, deck out, swot up, unionize, uprise, trick up, invent, adjure, turn out, complot, fix, plot, conspire, form, cabal, collude, set up, tog out, ready, mastermind, unionise, bring up, planned, tog up, swot, dress up, cram, arise, bone, call down, mug up, formulate, coordinate, get up, deck up.

Usage examples: