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Definition of mobilize:

  1. To put in a state of readiness for active service in war, as an army corps.


spread, muster up, recollect, tantalise, bring forward, tease, call, rebound, apply, peace, partner, motivate, impel, use, blackout, drum up, urge on, convince, bombed-out, think, share, consume, distribute, diffuse, call up, disseminate, dissuade, call back, persuade, circularize, organize, twit, cod, recall, fall back on, muster, belligerent, utilize, pass on, broadcast, retrieve, get in with, go around, draw on, circulate, summon, come up, rally, pull together, collaborate, actuate, prevail on, marshal, drive, circle, pass around, cooperate, phone, bait, run, encourage, rag, taunt, entice, air cover, tantalize, bring in, razz, exploit, beleaguered, battle cry, disperse, aggressor, propagate, active service, summons, remember, militarize, spur, circularise, beat up, ride, ring, unite, join in, gather, propel, cite, telephone, prod, black out, active duty, move, enlist, knit, mobilise, go toward.

Usage examples: