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Definition of piling:

  1. A series of piles; piles considered collectively; as, the piling of a bridge.
  2. of Pile
  3. The act of heaping up.
  4. The process of building up, heating, and working, fagots, or piles, to form bars, etc.


galvanic pile, big money, megabucks, quite a little, mound, cumulation, spile, heap, big bucks, agglomerate, atomic pile, tidy sum, long-legs, nap, great deal, down, longlegs, lot, pile, batch, chain reactor, mess, plenty, muckle, cumulus, stiltbird, stilt plover, hatful, voltaic pile, sight, stilt, flock, mickle, raft, deal, mountain, wad, bundle, stack, passel, mint, mass, atomic reactor, peck, spate, good deal, slew, bung, pot.

Usage examples: