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Definition of prickly:

  1. Full of prickles.


snappy, armed, disruptive, hairy, testy, pettish, dodgy, raspy, setaceous, abrasive, furry, bristly, contentious, moody, quick-tempered, ratty, troublesome, easy, snarky, choleric, gift-wrapped, fiery, stuffy, briary, adverse, tough, nipping, grouchy, uneven, crotchety, tricksy, spiny, frothy, nasty, sticky, pain, foamy, gilt, ill-natured, burred, grass, invidious, grumpy, gold-plated, barbellate, snippety, embarrassing, bad-tempered, fraught, temperamental, bad, rugged, biting, coarse, crabby, irritating, irregular, armor-plated, ticklish, pricky, thorny, briery, ragged, brambly, short-tempered, waspish, fractious, nettlesome, setose, splenetic, bristled, delicate, textured, knotty, splenic, barbed, gilded, echinate, burry, problematic, catchy, cobbled, pungent, perverse, hot-tempered, lienal, mordacious, sensitive, difficult, snippy.

Usage examples: