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Definition of sodden:

  1. of Seethe


cockeyed, soaked, sopping, mushy, crapulous, soused, mawkish, schmaltzy, drenched, tight, soppy, looped, dry, zonked, pickled, boozy, smashed, sop, drunken, kitschy, saturate, intoxicated, Drugs, soaking, saturated, bathetic, soupy, high, stinking, stinko, lit, steeped, stewed, crapulent, maudlin, inebriated, slushy, tipsy, hokey, drench, drippy, pixilated, souse, sloshed, loaded, besotted, bombed, sentimental, wet, plastered, soak, douse, boozed, soggy, drunk, crocked, schmalzy, stoned, potted, inebriate, blind.

Usage examples: