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Definition of unappeasable:

  1. Not to be pacified.


dingy, black, severe, omnivorous, down, gruesome, low, edacious, avid, dreary, voracious, relentless, grim, depressed, austere, brutal, low-spirited, sorry, down in the mouth, downhearted, unflinching, dogged, drear, drab, implacable, macabre, inappeasable, mordant, insatiate, desire, inextinguishable, blue, unforgiving, strict, gluttonous, persistent, downcast, quenchless, dismal, rapacious, dispirited, unslakable, ghastly, determined, grisly, intransigent, adamant, sick, dour, inexorable, forbidding, stern, exacting, dark, stark, unrelenting, gloomy, ravenous, disconsolate, greedy, adamantine, unquenchable.

Usage examples: