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Definition of unforgiving:

  1. Not disposed to overlook or pardon offences; implacable.


downcast, dismal, strict, fractious, vengeful, down in the mouth, dark, dreary, black, severe, sorry, short-tempered, austere, adamant, intransigent, gruesome, drear, uncharitable, unappeasable, gloomy, irritable, low-spirited, low, blue, stern, mordant, grisly, meanspirited, sick, adamantine, dispirited, ungenerous, hot-tempered, stark, temperamental, implacable, grim, touchy, persistent, irascible, disconsolate, avenging, moody, exacting, down, revengeful, downhearted, ghastly, depressed, dingy, inexorable, drab, sensitive, macabre, vindictive, unrelenting, dour, forbidding, relentless, bad-tempered.

Usage examples: