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Definition of angular:

  1. A bone in the base of the lower jaw of many birds, reptiles, and fishes.
  2. Fig.: Lean; lank; raw- boned; ungraceful; sharp and stiff in character; as, remarkably angular in his habits and appearance; an angular female.
  3. Measured by an angle; as, angular distance.
  4. Relating to an angle or to angles; having an angle or angles; forming an angle or corner; sharp- cornered; pointed; as, an angular figure.


aerodynamic, fleshy, crossing, angulate, underweight, rectangular, concentric, ungainly, tricuspid, gawky, three-cornered, unicuspid, triangular, bicuspid, lank, chunky, sharp-cornered, closed, lanky, forked, cusped, cuspate, gangling, star-shaped, bony, bicuspidate, slender, pointed, all skin and bones, asteroid, parallel, lean, angulate, meager, cuspidate, cuspidated, isogonic, oblique, gaunt, jagged, emaciated, clean, equiangular, be (all) skin and bone(s), thin, twiggy, cuspidal, concave, tricuspidate, spindly, thin as a rail, bulbous, weedy, rawboned, anorexic, asymmetrical, plump, fleshless, slim, awkward, angled, cuspated, round, scrawny, spare, skinny, fat.

Usage examples: