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Definition of con:

  1. A prefix, meaning together, with; con assumes the various forms of co, cog, col, com, cor, according to the commencing letter of the other part of the word of which it forms the prefix- see co.
  2. The negative side of a question; against; used in the phrase pro and con, for and againist.
  3. To fix in the mind by frequent repetition.


larn, snarf, pang, short-change, play, conservatism, traverse, stir, filch, bunco game, determine, snatch, inpatient, bunko, bustle, see, conversely, kidnap, victimise, shirk, con game, short, McCarthyism, Main Street, learn, lift, hoax, inmate, nobble, hustle, fabricate, hook, teach, sting, goldbrick, scam, confidence trick, abduct, invent, in opposition, mulct, trick, fiddle, toy, purloin, fascist, bend the truth, cabbage, opposed to, pinch, check, subterfuge, confidence game, acquire, misspeak, study, discover, make up, find out, examine, prank, fascism, take, the Conservative Party, get wind, survey, ruse, shrink from, peruse, bite, hear, rook, against, ploy, memorize, scrutinize, case, pick up, dodge, inspect, swipe, lucubrate, bunko game, concoct, stinging, get word, flimflam, yard bird, diddle, scheme, gyp, memorise, go over, lie, the John Birch Society, manufacture, remember, ado, yardbird, gip, insect bite, hornswoggle, pilfer, view, bunco, dirty tricks, get a line, ascertain, the National Front, read, instruct, flurry, Nazism, fuss, victimize, sneak, watch, abstract, investigate.

Usage examples: