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Definition of study:

  1. The application of the mind or thoughts to a subject for the purpose of learning what was not before known; deep attention; any particular branch of learning on which the mind may be set in order to its acquirement; subject of attention; a place devoted to study; in the fine arts, a work undertaken for improvement.
  2. To fix the mind closely upon a subject in order to understand it; to learn by application; to dwell upon in thought; to muse; to apply the mind to; to consider attentively.


instruct, view, call for, memorize, read out, hold, chew over, postulate, adopt, take away, chamber, consume, conduct, meditate, cogitation, education, art, hear, realm, report card, vignette, intention, area, try, inspection, occupy, conceive, fluent, select, field of operation, checkup, investigation, take on, theatre, engage, woolgathering, paper, questioning, playing field, get, field of force, demand, field of view, report, turn over, sketch, instruction, admit, den, battlefield, take up, news report, interpret, reverie, delving, brain-work, advanced, concerto, awareness, ascertain, think over, con, trance, thought, work, involve, analyse, analyze, school days, inquiry, cram, discovery, scrutiny, attention, disquisition, piece of work, record, consideration, nurture, assume, probe, closet, bas-relief, ask, battleground, flying field, canvas, withdraw, plain, resume, specialty, lucubration, line, theatre of operations, get wind, say, subject, accept, national, room, school, need, knowledge, issue, cultivation, get hold of, bailiwick, office, branch of knowledge, pick up, specialise, necessitate, see, poll, orbit, culture, field of operations, arrangement, abstraction, assimilation, convey, lead, direct, training, ruminate, insight, tuition, take, claim, moot, psychoanalyse, prove, conservatory, write up, contemplate, psychoanalyze, survey, try out, scholarship, teaching, legible, absent-mindedness, make, andante, guinea pig, pick out, ingest, perusal, take apart, research, cogitation, drill, hothouse, canvass, look at, translate, theater, contract, bedchamber, mind, research and development, territory, field of honor, strike, inquiry, written report, teach, charter, schooling, subscribe, mull over, domain, test, remove, caricature, daub, examination, acquire, specialization, essay, development, story, den, airfield, take aim, content, specialize, collage, field of battle, search, reputation, oeuvre, comparison, reading, review, diptych, fill, film, read, inquisition, researcher, rent, topic, correction, get a line, bemusement, consider, going-over, examine, take in, register, bedroom, subject field, regard, pursuit, library, case study, case, devour, bower, show, exercise, choose, reading, lease, field of study, composition, landing field, illegible, theme, air, chorus, break down, research, mull, pack, hire, submit, use up, exploration, advisement, aquatint, breeding, boudoir, bring, drive, rehearsal, deal, matter, get word, have, reflection, exploratory, subscribe to, erudition, probation, information, examen, abstract, train, investigate, perusal, memorise, aim, find out, discipline, body of work, chant, revision, probing, scrutiny, athletic field, sanctum, speculation, acquisition, field, champaign, learn, depicted object, adagio, guide, employment, learning, carry, bath, sight, investigation, quest, arena, practice, flashcard, studio, allegro, attic, contain, exact, hit the books, line of business, brown study, inquest, sphere, cantata, playing area, require, force field, larn, believe, shoot, subject area, bass, excogitate, workplace, theater of operations.

Usage examples: