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Definition of flurry:

  1. A light shower or snowfall accompanied with wind.
  2. A sudden and brief blast or gust; a light, temporary breeze; as, a flurry of wind.
  3. The violent spasms of a dying whale.
  4. To put in a state of agitation; to excite or alarm.
  5. Violent agitation; commotion; bustle; hurry.


fox, befuddle, flush, line, bunko game, spat, jumble, train, tizzy, defer, blitz, put-off, mix up, obscure, tiff, parry, fit, dew, hedge, confidence game, put over, band, prorogue, bicker, bedevil, pattern, dishearten, whirlpool, remit, spasm, duck, hassle, flimflam, con game, skirt, downpour, string, pettifoggery, evade, cloudburst, volley, circumvent, postpone, squabble, flash, discompose, burst, sting, acid rain, obnubilate, bunko, splash, untune, flare-up, bother, flicker, gyp, fudge, deluge, hustle, windblast, disconcert, bustle, trouble, confound, spurt, table, scud, hold over, stir, williwaw, ado, dither, drumfire, upset, calm, twinge, impulse, blow, con, discomfit, avalanche, rash, whirl, surge, shelve, salvo, turn off, process, dewdrop, snow flurry, flap, elude, outburst, fuss, domino effect, curtain, pother, confuse, flare, confidence trick, proceedings, sidestep, blizzard, fusillade, blitzkrieg, chain reaction, set back, discombobulate, dodge, hail, flutter, bunco game, storm, fuddle, bombardment, cannonade, throw, blast, shower, bunco, drumbeat, bickering, blur.

Usage examples: