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Definition of languid:

  1. Drooping or flagging from exhaustion; indisposed to exertion; without animation; weak; weary; heavy; dull.
  2. Promoting or indicating weakness or heaviness; as, a languid day.
  3. Slow in progress; tardy.


moony, worn, wearied, lackadaisical, indistinct, faltering, worn out, feeble, fatigued, unconcerned, purposeless, irresolute, faint, languorous, action, flagging, timid, dreamy, dim, weak, exhausted, unergetic, lethargic, inattentive, indifferent, woolgathering, spiritless, half-hearted, lymphatic, limp, faint-hearted, ill-defined, worn down, spiritless, faded.

Usage examples: