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Definition of sunny:

  1. Proceeding from the sun, or exposed to its rays; warm; bright.


jocose, phosphorescent, braw, lucky, prosperous, soft, dexterous, joyous, sunshiny, floodlit, glowing, direct, fortunate, delighted, festal, brilliant, rejoicing, cheerful, chipper, backlit, jocular, homophile, contented, gay, rejoiced, cloudless, eupeptic, felicitous, upbeat, festive, shining, laughing, cheering, blithe, carefree, blithesome, beaming, smiling, infrared, brave, fluorescent, winsome, alive, lightsome, exuberant, jovial, rapturous, blessed, shiny, successful, halogen, candlelit, unclouded, gleeful, canty, content, aglow, clear, bright, moonlit, satisfied, sprightly, gladsome, mirthful, cheery, jocund.

Usage examples: