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Definition of bright:

  1. Brightly.
  2. Having a clear, quick intellect; intelligent.
  3. Having qualities that render conspicuous or attractive, or that affect the mind as light does the eye; resplendent with charms; as, bright beauty.
  4. Illustrious; glorious.
  5. Manifest to the mind, as light is to the eyes; clear; evident; plain.
  6. Of brilliant color; of lively hue or appearance.
  7. Radiating or reflecting light; shedding or having much light; shining; luminous; not dark.
  8. See Brite, v. i.
  9. Sparkling with wit; lively; vivacious; shedding cheerfulness and joy around; cheerful; cheery.
  10. Splendor; brightness.
  11. To be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops.
  12. Transmitting light; clear; transparent.


bright as a new penny, silver, buttony, fulgent, able, fair, shining, happy, brightly, luminous, opaline, ingenious, pearlescent, pictorial, clear, magnificent, blinding, cloudless, lifelike, splendid, glimmery, coruscant, sparkly, clouded, twinkling, beadlike, dim, glossy, vivid, brilliant, colors, dull, iridescent, shimmering, adroit, beady, promising, burnished, colorful, beaming, buttonlike, sassy, aglow, undimmed, colored, gleaming, glaring, saucy, eminent, lucent, radiant, glowing, benign, blinking, glorious, glazed, alert, glary, nitid, auspicious, dazzling, sparkling, sunny, beamy, florid, fortunate, flashing, smart as a whip, illuminated, silvern, ringing, dexterous, lurid, alight, rich, ability, good, tinted, silvery, keen, glimmering, impertinent, nacreous, glinting, burning, sheeny, aglitter, reverberant, overbold, propitious, lambent, ablaze, chic, sunshiny, deep, exotic, chipper, brilliantly, gorgeous, agleam, ardent, limpid, shiny, refulgent, rich, voguish, fulgid, illustrious, glistering, sharp-witted, talented, glistening, quick-witted, opalescent, colourful, polished, smart, apt, intense, superb, skilful, scintillating, hopeful, shimmery, glittering, graphic, resplendent, fresh, ruddy, famous, quick, light, lustrous, noctilucent, lighted, blazing, intelligent, scintillant, impudent, luck, glittery, effulgent, irradiant, expert.

Usage examples: