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Definition of colonial:

  1. Pert. to a colony.


conquer, Pilgrim, Asian, harsh, burned-out, sociable, Australian, subdue, settled, cultured, baronial, the Dark Ages, limited, decadent, appointed, the Bronze Age, old, complex, subjugate, annex, hard, dominion, seize, pioneer, carbuncle, Puritan, severe, besiege, imperial, remote, unsettled, brownstone, Georgian, comfortable, immigrant, overseas, cavernous, social, gregarious, distant, British, the Industrial Revolution, unsophisticated, suppress, daughter, Belgian, primitive, frontier, the Christian era, crude, uncultured, Afghan, occupy, isolated, raw, Basque, emigrant, planted, new, Anglo-Saxon, beachfront, the Iron Age, mandated, compound, African, wild, Edwardian, carpeted, invade, storm, American, the Enlightenment, Canadian, subject, dependent.

Usage examples: