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Definition of cooperative:

  1. Working jointly to the same end.


neighborly, big, the biz, affiliate, agency, law-abiding, rival, base, concerted, antisocial, business-to-business, blue chip, big business, accommodative, synergetic, servile, mutual, kind, pooled, acquisition, accredited, anticompetitive, casual, dutiful, combined, clerical, account, obedient, noncompetitive, conjoint, combining, competitive, common, brisk, joint, associate, conjunct, adjunct, collective, independent, bloated, cooperating, communal, ceremonial, synergic, united, all-night, good, supportive, business, anchor, reconciling, assistant, conflict, brick-and-mortar, collaborative, accommodating, shared, agent, coadjutant, public, legalistic, co-op, helpful, conjunctive, multiple, collegiate, synergistic.

Usage examples: