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Definition of commercial:

  1. Pert. to commerce or trade.


monetary, mercenary, custom-made, industrial, investment, promotional, advert, ad, corporate, anticompetitive, packaged, business, yield, technical, profitability, pecuniary, arbitrage, boom, market, brisk, moneymaking, trading, speculation, wholesale, custom, profitable, cash-and-carry, sales, commercialized, mercantile, commercial-grade, popular, commercial message, trade, economic, business-to-business, banner ad, commercially, advertorial, brick-and-mortar, inferior, collective, salable, retail, financial, consumable, cut-rate, marketing, custom-built, classified ad, big, propagandist, billboard, marketable, commercialised, bumper sticker, commercialism, speculative, exchange, practical, materialistic, accredited, all-night, pay, supplying, bloated, mass-market, brand-name, branded, banner, fiscal.

Usage examples: