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Definition of morsel:

  1. A little bite or bit of food.
  2. A small quantity; a little piece; a fragment.


sharpness, patch, half-pint, snippet, big, chip, insect, bit, raciness, snatch, taster, good, sting, snip, sample, dainty, twerp, cipher, bite, scruple, snippersnapper, mote, zilch, piece, bowl, pungency, chunk, second, nubbin, pygmy, fraction, bed, mouthful, cake, nothing, number, c., chomp, act, moment, lightweight, tidbit, fragment, a bit, mo, insignificancy, whippersnapper, nonentity, delicacy, shrimp, a little, dribble, turn, nugget, zero, insect bite, nibble, pip-squeak, tittle, fleck, batch, treat, nullity, collation, dwarf, hint, can, bowlful, spot, part, flake, goody, minute, routine, molecule.

Usage examples: