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Definition of nitty-gritty:

Synonyms for nitty-gritty:

message, aggregate, snapper, philia, center of attention, nucleus, burden, stub, core group, essence, totality, terrestrial, meat, content, shopping centre, middle, fondness, nerve centre, kernel, pump, centre, perfume, vegetable marrow, reality, heart and soul, core, centerfield, nubble, amount of money, shopping center, meaning, affection, eye, nerve center, subject matter, plaza, workaday, internality, substance, union, amount, sum total, inwardness, sum of money, warmheartedness, summation, low-down, gist, effect, affectionateness, total, marrow, nerve, means, pith, warmness, tenderness, centre of attention, center field, spirit, marrow squash, sum, bone marrow, mettle, midpoint, nub, heart, bosom, everyday, prosaic, mall, magnetic core, center, shopping mall, join, facts, spunk, ticker.