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Definition of theatrical:

  1. Of or pertaining to a theater, or to the scenic representations; resembling the manner of dramatic performers; histrionic; hence, artificial; as, theatrical performances; theatrical gestures.


theater, dramatic, surprise, dark, style, theatrics, farcical, tragic, opposite, representation, melodrama, histrionic, dramaturgic, histrionical, showy, ceremonious, theatric, spectacular, vaudeville, operatic, feelings, sensational, hammy, professional, on, Thespian, performing arts, amateur, melodramatics, comic, excite, meretricious, agency, treacly, melodramatic, schmaltzy, dramaturgical, histrionics, hysterics, theatrical performance, maudlin, mawkish, theatricals, delegacy, rep, in, go up, stagey, method acting, stagy, acting, mental representation, touring, superficial, internal representation, sentimental.

Usage examples: