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Definition of validity:

  1. Legal strength, force, or authority; that quality of a thing which renders it supportable in law, or equity; as, the validity of a will; the validity of a contract, claim, or title.
  2. The quality or state of being valid; strength; force; especially, power to convince; justness; soundness; as, the validity of an argument or proof; the validity of an objection.
  3. Value.


hardihood, robustness, rigourousness, severity, lustiness, efficacy, harshness, stiffness, severeness, realness, legality, hardship, rigour, truthfulness, asperity, genuineness, hardiness, validness, true, hardness, grimness, boldness, gravity, cogency, authenticity, rigor, inclemency, daring, rigorousness.

Usage examples: