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Definition of weedy:

  1. Abounding with weeds; as, weedy grounds; a weedy garden; weedy corn.
  2. Dressed in weeds, or mourning garments.
  3. Of or pertaining to weeds; consisting of weeds.
  4. Scraggy; ill- shaped; ungainly; - said of colts or horses, and also of persons.


lanky, slender, boney, slim, gaunt, skinny, tightfitting, stunted, cheeseparing, all skin and bones, meager, tightly fitting, fat, fleshless, scraggy, twiggy, angular, near, underweight, thin, tight fitting, bony, scrawny, cheeseparing, jagged, close, lean, lank, thin as a rail, scrubby, penny-pinching, rawboned, jaggy, spare.

Usage examples: