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Definition of imagine:

  1. To contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise; to compass; to purpose. See Compass, v. t., 5.
  2. To form images or conceptions; to conceive; to devise.
  3. To form in the mind a notion or idea of; to form a mental image of; to conceive; to produce by the imagination.
  4. To represent to one's self; to think; to believe.
  5. To think; to suppose.


look, make up, compute, guess, sound off, cypher, cipher, gauge, depend, ideate, deem, hypothecate, view, speak out, forecast, intend, reckon, pretend, visualize, nurture, animadvert, call up, think of, recollect, fabricate, see, dramatize, work out, retrieve, conceive of, thoughts, mean, count on, bet, formulate, envisage, count, conceptualize, conjure up, theorise, hypothesise, recall, think, remember, opine, judge, vision, feature, picture, hazard, say, call back, harbor, speak up, devise, regard, approximate, suppose, image, venture, estimate, dream, believe, fancy.

Usage examples: