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Definition of minute:

  1. A coin; a half farthing.
  2. A fixed part of a module. See Module.
  3. A nautical or a geographic mile.
  4. A point of time; a moment.
  5. A very small part of anything, or anything very small; a jot; a tittle.
  6. Attentive to small things; paying attention to details; critical; particular; precise; as, a minute observer; minute observation.
  7. Of or pertaining to a minute or minutes; occurring at or marking successive minutes.
  8. The memorandum; a record; a note to preserve the memory of anything; as, to take minutes of a contract; to take minutes of a conversation or debate.
  9. The sixtieth part of a degree; sixty seconds ( Marked thus ( '); as, 10Á 20').
  10. The sixtieth part of an hour; sixty seconds. ( Abbrev. m.; as, 4 h. 30 m.)
  11. To set down a short sketch or note of; to jot down; to make a minute or a brief summary of.
  12. Very small; little; tiny; fine; slight; slender; inconsiderable.


pimping, broad, half-hour, boil down, blink of an eye, moment, orthogonal, bitty, agenda, tenuous, splendid, hour, small-fry, s, present moment, discreet, subtle, food mile, resolution, midget, split second, beautiful, import, smooth, km, thorough, degree, circumstantial, routine, second base, turn, elaborate, nominal, flake, number, sharp, crack, cosine, flash, fine, peanut, dainty, no-account, here and now, outline, molecular, proceedings, nanosecond, endorsement, exquisite, sum up, particularized, jiffy, exiguous, full, microminiature, atomic number 42, pure, light year, sensitive, motion, broad-brush, piece, precise, message, general, gauzy, refined, fleck, keen, minuscule, particular, chip, extensive, teensy-weensy, chit, cotangent, median, microscopic, m., subtile, de minimis, hairline, atomic, clear, blow-by-blow, excellent, minutes, huge, infinitesimal, slender, wink, encapsulate, Min, K, abstract, generalize, IOU, twinkling, inscription, spot, bit, careful, descriptive, chicken, big, kilometre, narrow, footling, hr, incidental, indorsement, clarified, docket, obtuse, bitsy, little bitty, microscopical, consequence, little, arcsecond, jottings, peewee, tick, molybdenum, irregular, piffling, instant, heartbeat, immaterial, session, secondment, exact, minute of arc, a bit, 101, nuanced, jiff, rough out, precis, short-term, detailed, thin, memo, large, twinkle, arcminute, nice, astronomical unit, bite, sec, summarize, small, mi., mo, narrow-minded, atomlike, perpendicular, memorandum, nonessential, morsel, invisible, polished, handsome, quorum, edited, scrap, act, caption, finespun, second gear, comminuted, petty, elegant, specialized, time of day, hairsplitting, piddly, inconsiderable, Mickey Mouse, apologies, snatch, foolish, niggling, oblique, trice, cos, bout.

Usage examples:

  • " Just wait a minute, please.

    - "The Rector of St. Mark's", Mary J. Holmes.
  • Now, be off with you this minute.

    - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  • He'll be all right in a minute.

    - "Plays: Lady Frederick, The Explorer, A Man of Honor", William Somerset Maugham.