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Definition of pale:

  1. A cheese scoop.
  2. A pointed stake or slat, either driven into the ground, or fastened to a rail at the top and bottom, for fencing or inclosing; a picket.
  3. A shore for bracing a timber before it is fastened.
  4. A space or field having bounds or limits; a limited region or place; an inclosure; - often used figuratively.
  5. A stripe or band, as on a garment.
  6. Not bright or brilliant; of a faint luster or hue; dim; as, the pale light of the moon.
  7. One of the greater ordinaries, being a broad perpendicular stripe in an escutcheon, equally distant from the two edges, and occupying one third of it.
  8. Paleness; pallor.
  9. That which incloses or fences in; a boundary; a limit; a fence; a palisade.
  10. To inclose with pales, or as with pales; to encircle; to encompass; to fence off.
  11. To make pale; to diminish the brightness of.
  12. To turn pale; to lose color or luster.
  13. Wanting in color; not ruddy; dusky white; pallid; wan; as, a pale face; a pale red; a pale blue.


unclear, thin, flood, vague, etiolate, weak, mean nothing, wan, inferior, take a back seat, anemic, hazy, pallid, disgusted, paled, creamy, faint, beige, light, mellow, ashy, drained, fed up, sick of, murky, bleary, indistinct, unbalanced, piquet, bluish, change, grisly, black, lurid, spotter, amber, ghastly, fade into insignificance, indefinite, lookout man, livid, green, macabre, soft, feeble, mealy, fair, degenerate, dulled, worst of all, weaken, sentry, shadowy, nebulous, washy, undefined, opaque, not amount to much/a great deal, impoverished, colors, pinched, blanched, gauzy, dim, livid, ashy, avocado, blush, blanch, (as) white as a sheet, baby-blue, peaked, color up, brainsick, indistinguishable, worse, ivory, alabaster, pasty, blue, parboil, for the worse, lookout, colorless, watch, blacken, lighten, bleach, mad, nauseated, make no/little difference, nauseous, misty, flame, pastel, ill, light-colored, pasty, azure, waxen, brighten, anemic, crazy, queasy, picket, wane, ghostly, chalky, sentinel, watery, blench, spectral, doughy, retrogressive, deepen, waterish, drain, fade, amethyst, undetermined, deathlike, obscure, blurry, sickish, foggy, sick, drawn, color, lessen, flush, gray, washed-out, waxen, fuzzy, unhinged, worst, disturbed, bleed, grim, scout, blear, extraordinary, demented, burn, strong, colourless, gruesome, tired of.

Usage examples: