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Definition of possess:

  1. To have or hold as an owner; to enjoy; to occupy; to hold the title of, as the rightful proprietor; to have power over, or to affect by some invisible power.


suffer, throw, know full/perfectly well, have heard of, boast, nurse, have got, wear, deliver, burn, have, belong to, induce, sustain, consume, obsess, know, feature, experience, tingle, show, control, walk away with, sorted, sense, grow in, Hold, be alive to something, got, take, bristle with, feel, give up to, command, seem, have on, carry, maintain, realize, be in possession of, have in, control, pack, give birth, recognize, receive, be possessed of, make, occupy, tend, bear, let yourself go, birth, keep, accept, know of, overflow, owned, ingest, cause, take in, stimulate, get, let, enjoy, retain, display, exhibit, give, rate.

Usage examples: