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Definition of shadowy:

  1. Faintly representative; hence, typical.
  2. Full of shade or shadows; causing shade or shadow.
  3. Hence, dark; obscure; gloomy; dim.
  4. Not brightly luminous; faintly light.
  5. Unsubstantial; unreal; as, shadowy honor.


obtuse, misty, faint-hearted, suspect, swart, unclear, gauzy, sable, wraithlike, underground, mysterious, surreptitious, light-headed, funny, indistinguishable, secret, undefined, shady, fishy, in strict confidence, opaque, nebulous, indistinct, unsubstantial, timid, fly-by-night, incensed, indignant, classified, light, vague, slow, feeble, dimmed, dim, dull, blurry, undetermined, fuzzy, dumb, blear, confidential, undistinct, subdued, insubstantial, pale, swooning, dense, wispy, wisplike, clear, secretive, clandestine, louche, fainthearted, faint, bleak, unreal, shadowed, indefinite, shaded, weak, lightheaded, suspicious, umbrageous, outraged.

Usage examples: