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Definition of twilight:

  1. Faint; obscure; shaded; imperfectly illuminated.
  2. The faint; light perceived before sunrise and after sunset.


fall, decline, closing time, declination, afterglow, dinnertime, declivity, gloam, drop, eve, shadows, close in, gloom, nightfall, even, drivetime, twilit, owl-light, gloaming, crepuscle, curfew, late afternoon, blackness, dusky, downslope, break of day, spill, darkness, dinner table, declension, early evening, graveyard shift, autumn, dawn, draw out, surrender, murk, draw in, pin, sunrise, semidarkness, shade, umbra, black, evenfall, dip, descent, night falls, downfall, start, crepuscule, capitulation, free fall, break, candlelight, tumble.

Usage examples: