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Definition of annoy:

  1. A feeling of discomfort or vexation caused by what one dislikes; also, whatever causes such a feeling; as, to work annoy.
  2. To disturb or irritate, especially by continued or repeated acts; to tease; to ruffle in mind; to vex; as, I was annoyed by his remarks.
  3. To molest, incommode, or harm; as, to annoy an army by impeding its march, or by a cannonade.


inconvenience oneself, jaw, taunt, beleaguer, get, lambast, call down, disoblige, rile, reprimand, dun, chide, perplex, shake up, feelings, gall, rag, fray, stick, chew out, urticate, tantalise, ride, put out, stupefy, scratch, bug, have words, dress down, twit, excoriate, wound, raise up, trounce, access, insult, dumbfound, nonplus, puzzle, gravel, bother, progress to, study atbother, nark, commove, amaze, flummox, ruffle, chafe, bewilder, plague, beset, cod, frustrate, worry, baffle, stir up, nettle, discommode, roil, irritate, make, rub, berate, agitate, lecture, pain, take to task, reproof, bawl out, razz, pose, inconvenience, affront, tantalize, incommode, call on the carpet, get at, remonstrate, vex, devil, crucify, get to, rebuke, trouble oneself, chew up, lambaste, rally, scold, mystify, beat, reach.

Usage examples: