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Definition of radio:

  1. Of or pertaining to, or employing, or operated by, radiant energy, specifically that of electric waves; hence, pertaining to, or employed in, radiotelegraphy.


decoder, cue card, receiving set, documentary, on-air, the small screen, cathode ray tube, docudrama, DAB, live, scramble, chat show, antenna, docusoap, piano tuner, clock radio, bulletin, radio set, telly, color, camera, closed-captioned, CB, the box, radiocommunication, ham, on-screen, breakfast television, broadcast, communications, the boob tube, console, ship-to-shore, roger, radio receiver, televisual, continuity, over, TV, the tube, telegraph, tuner, walkie-talkie, communication, communications satellite, wireless, aerial, sign off, rating, programming, call-in, broadcasting, feature, the airwaves.

Usage examples: