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Definition of deceitful:

  1. Full of, or characterized by, deceit; serving to mislead or insnare; trickish; fraudulent; cheating; insincere.


shadowy, beguiling, untruthful, delusory, nugatory, inconstant, trivial, double-tongued, abortive, ambidextrous, specious, unprincipled, double-faced, unsubstantial, profitless, unsatisfying, trifling, unserviceable, ineffectual, double dealing, useless, misleading, idle, unavailing, unreal, mendacious, futile, dubious, duplicitous, lying, defrauding, vain, two-handed, fraudulent, Janus-faced, vapid, honest, delusive, unsound, baseless, worthless, bootless, fruitless, dishonorable, fallacious, unimportant, empty, visionary, null, two-faced, unprofitable, delusory, dishonest.

Usage examples: