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Definition of declaim:

  1. To defend by declamation; to advocate loudly.
  2. To speak for rhetorical display; to speak pompously, noisily, or theatrically; to make an empty speech; to rehearse trite arguments in debate; to rant.
  3. To speak rhetorically; to make a formal speech or oration; to harangue; specifically, to recite a speech, poem, etc., in public as a rhetorical exercise; to practice public speaking; as, the students declaim twice a week.
  4. To utter in public; to deliver in a rhetorical or set manner.


itemise, address, enumerate, chat, speak, announce, itemize, inveigh, harangue, narrate, utter, mouth, recount, pronounce, talk, declare, rail, retell, words, harangue, articulate, express, chatter, say, recite, rant, discourse, converse, rave, perorate, enunciate, tell, deliver.

Usage examples: