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Definition of eloquent:

  1. Adapted to express strong emotion or to state facts arguments with fluency and power; as, an eloquent address or statement; an eloquent appeal to a jury.
  2. Having the power of expressing strong emotions or forcible arguments in an elevated, impassioned, and effective manner; as, an eloquent orator or preacher.


silver, economical, high, declamatory, liquid, grand, crisp, silvern, fluid, stately, facund, style, significant, pregnant, circuitous, express, towering, articulate, elevated, suggestive, words, silvery, smooth-spoken, clean, meaning, fluent, conversational, facile, revelatory, formal, show, exalted, meaningful, silver-tongued, argent, majestic, discursive, revealing, silverish, chatty, high-flown, diffuse.

Usage examples: