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Definition of greek:

  1. A native, or one of the people, of Greece; a Grecian; also, the language of Greece.
  2. A swindler; a knave; a cheat.
  3. Something unintelligible; as, it was all to me.


Thessalonian, Corinthian, L., Boeotian, Anglo-Saxon, Manx, Dorian, Aborigine, Minoan, haze, allophone, chapter house, Afghanistani, African-Caribbean, hazing, Norse, Belgian, Asiatic, Afghan, Hellenic language, Latin, Arabism, grecian, Peloponnesian, Ionian, Canadian, American, Athenian, Latinate, Attic, Arab, Old English, classic, Anglo, fraternity, Asian, African, frat, Afrikaner, rush, Afro-Caribbean, Alaska Native, British, classical, Spartan, Hellenistic, Helladic, Phi Beta Kappa, Homeric, pledge, ancient, Hellenic, Aboriginal, Persian, Hellene, Australian.

Usage examples: