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Definition of inflexible:

  1. Firm in will or purpose; not to be turned, changed, or altered; resolute; determined; unyieding; inexorable; stubborn.
  2. Incapable of change; unalterable; immutable.
  3. Not capable of being bent; stiff; rigid; firm; unyielding.


incommutable, inalterable, solid, decided, unshakable, whatever happens, irreversible, dogged, adamantine, closed, iron, bloody-minded, set, tough, headstrong, intransigent, constant, stout, unyielding, hard-line, bullheaded, uncompromising, self-willed, flinty, fossilised, inconvincible, narrow, brassbound, hard, immutable, hardened, hardcore, rock-ribbed, opinionated, stiff, intractable, muscle-bound, uncompliant, unadaptable, refractory, resist, determined, fossilized, willful, sturdy, unvarying, unchanging, inexorable, remorseless, hard-and-fast, hardline, stiffened, adamant, final, ironclad, cast-iron, indomitable, flexible, conservative, resolved, implacable, persistent, hardy, contumacious, taut, rock-hard, ossified, die-hard, pat, unbending, heady, unconquerable, packed, granitic, self-opinionated, rigid, impenetrable, semirigid, perverse, incompliant, unflinching, for good, pigheaded, narrow-minded, unrelenting, stalwart, hard core, invariable, unchangeable, stand-up, fixed.

Usage examples: