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Definition of miraculous:

  1. Of the nature of a miracle; performed by supernatural power; effected by the direct agency of almighty power, and not by natural causes.
  2. Supernatural; wonderful.
  3. Wonder- working.


rattling, grand, lottery, supersensible, surprising, supernatural, dumb luck, extrasensory, freakish, wondrous, amazing, good, astonishing, portentous, eye-opening, improbable, familiar, monstrous, tall, transcendent, stupendous, superhuman, uncanny, tremendous, astounding, fortuitous, anomalous, fortunately, beginner's luck, extramundane, awesome, howling, prodigious, natural, metaphysical, fortune, terrific, hot, stunning, transcendental, sublime, unknown, marvellous, preternatural, providential, charmed, awful, luck, supernormal, fantastical, heaven-sent, incredible, fortunate, magical, mysterious, unbelievable, marvelous, unearthly, staggering, superphysical, divine, unimaginable.

Usage examples: