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Definition of pandemonium:

  1. An utterly lawless, riotous place or assemblage.
  2. The great hall or council chamber of demons or evil spirits.


hoopla, kerfuffle, ado, crazy house, clatter, corroboree, uproar, cuckoo's nest, bother, hubbub, hoo-ha, Tophet, bustle, fuss, bluster, loony bin, bobbery, moil, zoo, stir, ruckus, turbulence, furore, hurly-burly, squall, disturbance, whirl, turmoil, rumpus, clutter, commotion, topsy-turvydom, uproar, Babel, confusion, storm, furor, din, fun, to-do, nuthouse, noise, anarchy, tumult, row, coil, disorder, hurly, blather, welter, hurry-scurry, hurry, nut house, Gehenna, perdition, hubble-bubble, ruction, topsy-turvyness, madhouse, racket, alarums and excursions, hurricane, foofaraw, bedlam, hullabaloo, snake pit, sounds, splore, shindy, ballyhoo, williwaw, chaos, funny house, riot, helter-skelter, do, clamor, stew, sanatorium, funny farm, pother, booby hatch.

Usage examples: