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Definition of chamber:

  1. A cavity in a mine, usually of a cubical form, to contain the powder.
  2. A chamber pot.
  3. A compartment or cell; an inclosed space or cavity; as, the chamber of a canal lock; the chamber of a furnace; the chamber of the eye.
  4. A hall, as where a king gives audience, or a deliberative body or assembly meets; as, presence chamber; senate chamber.
  5. A legislative or judicial body; an assembly; a society or association; as, the of Deputies; the of Commerce.
  6. A retired room, esp. an upper room used for sleeping; a bedroom; as, the house had four chambers.
  7. A room or rooms where a lawyer transacts business; a room or rooms where a judge transacts such official business as may be done out of court.
  8. A short piece of ordnance or cannon, which stood on its breech, without any carriage, formerly used chiefly for rejoicings and theatrical cannonades.
  9. Apartments in a lodging house.
  10. That part of the bore of a piece of ordnance which holds the charge, esp. when of different diameter from the rest of the bore; - formerly, in guns, made smaller than the bore, but now larger, esp. in breech- loading guns.
  11. To be lascivious.
  12. To furnish with a chamber; as, to chamber a gun.
  13. To reside in or occupy a chamber or chambers.
  14. To shut up, as in a chamber.


sleeping room, bedchamber, container, office, chest, box, bedroom, case, hall, sleeping accommodation, government.

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