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Definition of shudder:

  1. The act of shuddering, as with fear.
  2. To tremble or shake with fear, horrer, or aversion; to shiver with cold; to quake.


oscillate, flush, vibration, fluctuate, vibrate, repetition, flutter, palpitation, jounce, thrill, shakiness, frisson, pulsate, quivering, throb, twitter, swing, trembling, prickling, earth tremor, wave, tremble, boot, kick, joggle, tickle pink, shaking, exhilarate, waver, flap, totter, chill, bang, tingling, shiver, shivering, pulse, quiver, reel, shuddering, rock, rush, tickle, beatify, microseism, iciness, gelidity, tingle, inebriate, tremor, exalt, charge, pall, dither, brandish, sway.

Usage examples: