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Definition of startle:

  1. To excite with sudden fear or apprehension; to excite by extreme surprise; to shock; to move suddenly in alarm.


jumping, parachute, come out, derail, pop, go, set about, offset, originate, start out, begin, galvanise, excite, horrify, shake up, spook, rock, get-go, parachuting, showtime, scarify, chill, part, get going, climb up, pass over, bolt, starting, get, initiate, commencement, stand out, scratch line, scratch, jumpstart, set out, floor, take up, stick out, skip over, beginning, depart, start up, start, protrude, starting signal, move, set forth, kickoff, leap out, stupefy, terrify, commence, bulge out, jump out, starting line, spring, get down, first, bulge, alternate, leap, dumbfound, galvanize, electrify, jump, rise, thunderstrike, chute, amaze, terrorize, set off, affright, fear, flabbergast, jump-start, outset, take off, bug out, lead off, bowl over, awe, head start, fright, starting time, skip, embark on, pop out, intimidate, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, saltation, jump off, bound.

Usage examples: