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Definition of certainly:

  1. Without doubt or question; unquestionably.


forsooth, unarguably, sure enough, evidently, hands down, alright, sure as shooting, limited, literally, actually, simply, certain, so, surely, inarguably, for certain, if you (really) must, essentially, I don't see why not, really, by all means, all right, precisely, help yourself, of course, doubtless, yes, easily, as you wish, if you want, for sure, sure.

Usage examples:

  • " No, no; certainly not.

    - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.
  • " I certainly don't understand," I said.

    - "Blindfolded", Earle Ashley Walcott.
  • " Well," Roger said, " it certainly is big enough."

    - "The Boy With the U. S. Survey", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.