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Definition of delinquent:

  1. Failing in duty; offending by neglect of duty.
  2. One who fails or neglects to perform his duty; an offender or transgressor; one who commits a fault or a crime; a culprit.


woebegone, ramshackle, dilapidated, faulty, inattentive, incorrigible, decrepit, guilty, remiss, blameworthy, owed, punctilious, derelict, back, due, juvenile delinquent, creaky, broken-down, run-down, censurable, culpable, tatterdemalion, blamable, slack, neglectful, unpaid, punctual, red-handed, reprehensible, flea-bitten, negligent, shabby, careless, overdue, bedraggled, deserted, tumble-down, abandoned.

Usage examples: