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Definition of foretell:

  1. To predict; to tell before occurence; to prophesy; to foreshow.
  2. To utter predictions.


look for, promise, bid, cry, adumbrate, yell, anticipate, call, augur, call in, point, visit, omen, forerun, figure, declare, signal, reckon, hollo, project, send for, telephone, auspicate, indicate, predict, prefigure, scream, adumbrate, portend, name, squall, look to, estimate, call off, acclaim, show, betoken, foreshadow, holler, bespeak, denote, shout out, assure, foresight, divine, harbinger, call up, counter, phone, herald, forebode, hail, shout, bode, vaticinate, address, annunciate, foretoken, presage, soothsay, foreknow, announce, ring, previse, forestall, prognosticate, forecast, calculate, count on.

Usage examples: