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Definition of hurtle:

  1. To make a threatening sound, like the clash of arms; to make a sound as of confused clashing or confusion; to resound.
  2. To meet with violence or shock; to clash; to jostle.
  3. To move rapidly; to wheel or rush suddenly or with violence; to whirl round rapidly; to skirmish.
  4. To move with violence or impetuosity; to whirl; to brandish.
  5. To push; to jostle; to hurl.


ramble, rush, disgorge, throw off, shed, drop, couch, pierce, honk, throw up, frame, puke, stray, sick, mould, push up, upchuck, redact, dash, speed, barf, contrive, dart, regurgitate, thrust, shake off, hurl, stuff, roll, swan, toss, range, drift, cat, crash, throw away, draw, vomit up, wander, spue, purge, regorge, vomit, roam, tramp, put, loose, shy, tear, project, rove, chuck, plunge, spew, cast, retch, be sick, vagabond, race, squeeze, mold, lunge, cast off, collide.

Usage examples: