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Definition of irresponsible:

  1. Nor responsible; not liable or able to answer fro consequences; innocent.
  2. Not to be trusted; unreliable.


positive, loose, happy-go-lucky, unequivocal, carefree, lax, unreasonable, feckless, domineering, careful, unreliable, freewheeling, flighty, controlling, kamikaze, unstable, autocratic, peremptory, coercive, unconditional, harum-scarum, idle, ill-considered, giddy, dogmatic, shallow, tyrannical, unpredictable, imperious, arrogant, extreme, irrational, hysterical, trigger-happy, imperative, hasty, exacting, wrong, childish, ridiculous, scatterbrained, perverse, arbitrary, mindless, unthinking, overbearing, head-in-the-clouds, immoral, supreme, unaccountable, do-nothing, compulsive, foolish, undiscriminating, slaphappy, dictatorial, absolute, compulsory, devil-may-care, absurd, commanding, shiftless, despotic, hell-for-leather, haughty, authoritative, unconcerned, lordly.

Usage examples: