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Definition of lit:

  1. a form of the imp. & p. p. of Light.


besotted, bombed, crapulous, resplendent, high, enkindled, light, tight, crocked, inebriated, literature, soused, spaced-out, stinking, turned-on, hopped-up, blazing, tipsy, afire, burning, aflare, stoned, alight, stinko, blind, well-lighted, flaming, drunken, crapulent, sloshed, doped, drunk, ignited, pickled, potted, smashed, bright, kindled, sodden, stewed, plastered, ablaze, boozy, Drugs, on fire, wiped-out, pixilated, intoxicated, drugged, zonked, lighted, illuminated, inebriate, cockeyed, loaded, aflame, boozed, looped.

Usage examples: