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Definition of novelty:

  1. Something novel; a new or strange thing.
  2. The quality or state of being novel; newness; freshness; recentness of origin or introduction.


regeneration, paradox, crust, mystery, freshness, tchotchke, novelties, whatnot, innovativeness, bling, sundries, etceteras, insolence, impudence, vitality, number, jewelry, bangle, renewal, originality, gimcrack, chain, doodad, variation, bracelet, curiosity, life, toy, new, impertinence, nicknack, buzz, gall, treasure, gaud, thing, revolution, kickshaw, conversion, newfangledness, cheekiness, fascination, animation, spark, bite, bauble, happening, innovation, jewellery, bibelot, ornamental, spectacle, transition, color, renewing, glow, mutation, trifle, change, aberration, knickknack, fallal, bric-a-brac, trinket, curio, diversity, alteration, transmutation, gold, knickknackery, jewel, transformation, variety, occasion, exception, vicissitude, gewgaw, stroke, odds and ends.

Usage examples: