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Definition of splenetic:

  1. Of or pertaining to the spleen; splenic.


dyspeptic, barbed, waspish, bloody-minded, crusty, cantankerous, ill-humored, furious, acid, cross, gloomy, steaming, apoplectic, spiny, dogged, severe, gruff, snappish, churlish, study at irritable, splenic, crabbed, burry, morose, setose, prickly, burred, steamed, incandescent, ill-natured, bearish, sulky, lienal, irate, murderous, sullen, bristly, bilious, sour, acrimonious, thorny, barbellate, bristled, irritable, incensed, ornery, briery, surly, disagreeable, seething, setaceous, briary, fretful.

Usage examples: