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Definition of suffice:

  1. To be equal to the wants or demands of; to satisfy; to be enough; to be equal to the end in view.


fare, function, make out, assist, process, coiffure, dish up, match up, manage, resolve, act, wait on, answer, fit in with, do, suit, coif, measure up, attend to, coiffe, cause, live up to, cloy, lend itself to something, fill, exercise, come, practise, make, set, speak for itself, practice, content, satisfy, service, surfeit, arrange, dish out, swear out, come up to, serve well, attend, glut, perform, execute, serve, serve up, respond, excess, qualify, dress, dish, reply, help, sate, behave, get along, satiate.

  • answer (part of speech: verb)

Usage examples: